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Connect with Your Community

Working on a Highest Award is a large endeavor and working with members of your community will help you make a large and helpful impact! Reach out to the Oregon and Southwest Washington Council and get matched with members of your community in order to be supported or to support in these endeavors.

Getting Started

One of the biggest parts of pursuing your award is gathering people to help you with your project. Use this survey reach out to help scouts with their projects, or to connect with others to help you with yours. If you are an adult looking to help out a scout with their project or generally help out with Girl Scouts we would love for you to reach out! Use this survey and indicate that you would like to work specifically with scouts on their highest award projects. Scouts, if you know anyone that might be willing to help out other scouts ask if they will fill out this form!

Reaching Out

There are people in your community that would be happy to help you with your project! Reach out to people to ask for help, the worst thing that happens is they can't help you. Even if these people are not involved with Girl Scouts they care about you and would love to help! Reach out, people will suprise you with the time and effort they are willing to put in to help you help your community.

Things to Keep in Mind

You can reach out to many different people by phone, email, in person, or through the internet. You can reach out in many different ways, but there are important things to remember as you communicate with those who you are asking to help you and who are helping you.

All communications

Remember to be polite and respectful in all your communications, as these people are spending their time helping you. It is also important to be respectful of their time and get back to people in a timely fashion.

The Internet

Make sure you take Girl Scout's Internet Safety Pledge and follow both its rules and any rules you set up with a parent or guardian. It is important to stay safe when using the internet. If you are want to arrange an in person meeting someone you connected with over the internet be sure to ask your parent or guardian for permission first, and if you are given the go ahead, arange to meet them in a public space with your parent or guardian.


Make sure you are polite and professional. Introduce yourself, and keep all relevent communications in the same email chain. To learn or review how to craft a professional email click this link!