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What is a Juliette Scout?

Juliette Scouts are Girl Scouts without a troop. There may be various reasons for a scout to become a Juliette. They may have moved to an area without a troop, they may want to continue with scouts but not have the time to commit to a troop, or another reason. Juliette scouts still have access to council resources and events, they are still envcouraged to complete badges, journeys, and highest awards. This page has resources specifically for Juliettes seeking their highest awards, but the resources still might be helpful scouts in troops.

Finding a Mentor and Support

Every scout going for a highest award needs to find a project advisor to help them with their award. This person cannot be a parent or the scout's troop leader or for Juliettes, their Juliette mentor. The advisor also needs to be an expert in the area the scout is pursuing the project in. To find an advisor, Juliette scouts should reach out to their community. If you are having a hard time finding a mentor in your community, make sure you reach out to your service unit and Juliette Mentor Specialist. The Juliette Mentor Specialist for GSOSW is Tiffany Patton. Any Juliettes in the council should have been contacted by her. If you haven't, please contact the council here using the contact form or by calling. If you are looking to help out Girl Scouts in your local area please also reach out! We are always thankful to here from community members who want to support the organization.

Highest Awards Patrols

Girl Scouts are no longer just troops and Juliette Scouts! You can also join a patrol, regardless of your troop status. Patrols are groups of Scouts with a common goal. Some patrols raise money and plan for big trips, other are groups of scouts with common interests. Highest Awards patrols are a great way to connect with other scouts in your service unit to support each other's projects. Having Scouts seeking bronze, silver, and gold awards in the same patrols allows for leadership opportunities for older scouts and mentorship for the younger scouts. There is currently a Highest Awards Patrol for GSOSW! Contact answers@girlscoutsosw.org to get in contact with the patrol. The same rules in regards to volunteers present at troop meetings apply to patrol meetings, but these are often virtual or hybrid to serve a wide geographical area. For more information on patrols, check out this FAQ guide or this video.